Saturday, 3 January 2009

Three jokes and a purchase

My three favourites from an extensive list at the National Post:
"Get my broker, Miss Jones."
"Yes sir. Stock, or Pawn?"

The problem with investment bank balance sheets is that on the left side nothing is right and on the right side nothing is left.

There's a surgeon, an architect and an economist. The surgeon said, 'Look, we're the most important. God's a surgeon because the very first thing God did was to extract Eve from Adam's rib.' The architect said, 'No, wait a minute, God is an architect. God made the world in seven days out of chaos.' The economist smiled, 'And who made the chaos?'
Normal levels of seriousness will be restored shortly. But in the meantime did I hear correctly that the Munchkins have bought Indymac? Perhaps that is the true route to financial stability: only short blue people who are entirely fictional should be allowed to own banks.



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