Tuesday, 12 August 2008

BAA to be rent asunder?

The FT reports that UK Competition Commission is considering forcing BAA to give up at least one of its London airports. Given that this government will never agree to the right step - nationalising BAA - I suppose that is a start.

Update. So the competition commission is demanding that BAA sell not one but two London airports. Excellent. The Daily Mash puts it best:
SATAN, the Prince of Darkness, is to launch an appeal after he was ordered to sell Heathrow.

The Competition Commission ruling is a major setback to Beelzebub's plan to expand his kingdom of the damned via the world's third busiest airport. He said last night... "Our latest customer survey showed more than 90% would rather be roasted on a spit and have the flesh ripped from their bones by a horde of fire-breathing, shit-covered demons than endure another minute in one of Heathrow's check-in queues.



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