Wednesday, 19 April 2006

CP Snow as a power source...

...because he's turning in his grave. I think the two cultures thing is getting worse. Certainly mainstream arts people not only are unembarrassed by their ignorance of science, they even flaunt it (scroll down to 'Opacity Quotient'). Clearly this problem has been with us for a long time. Perhaps it is time to set a few equivalences, just so the arty types understand the thresholds of ignorance, as it were. Something like

Ignorance of Newton to a scientist = Ignorance of Shakespeare to an arts person


Ignorance of Electromagnetism to a scientist = Ignorance of Dickens to an arts person


Ignorance of String Theory to a scientist = Ignorance of Structuralism to an arts person

It's quite amusing trying to construct the parallels if you have a few moments
to spare.
Gödel = Joyce?
Transfinite set theory = Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
Dark Matter = Derrida?


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