Monday, 17 April 2006

You know best Tony

There is an article in today's paper saying that despite advice to the contrary, Tony Blair is going to give the go-ahead to new nuclear powerstations*. I find this deeply depressing for a couple of reasons. Firstly what on earth is the point of having experts examine an issue and prepare a thoroughly researched report if the prime minister is going to overrule them because he thinks he knows best? Then there are the usually distasteful overtones created by the inordinate weight the nuclear industry has compared with other forms of power that do not create a 700 million year headache (the half life of U-235). And of course this is all in the context of trying to decide what the best form of power generation is without any idea of the real decommissioning and clean-up costs of fission reactors. The sooner we figure out fusion power, the better...

* Trying to write a sentence where all the words are short enough so that they fit beside the picture (Didcot power station, taken from the train), is an interesting constraint. Perhaps an Oulipolian novel with no word longer than, 4?, 5?? characters might be interesting?


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