Wednesday, 13 May 2009

When you want to come bottom of the list

Bruce Krasting has an interesting story on sub-prime related litigation in Massachusetts:
Goldman has agreed to pay the state of Massachusetts $60 million to settle a dispute regarding Goldman’s “predatory lending” practices in and around Boston. $50 million will be made available to reduce the loan principle on 714 individual mortgages... In the critical years 2005-2007 Goldman was ranked 15th in the League Tables for sub prime and Alt-A origination/securitization. Goldman’s management must be pleased as punch with that poor showing today.
As Bruce says, this is not a big deal for Goldman -- but it might set a nasty precedent for those higher up the subprime ABS underwriting tables, notably BoA (labouring under both Countrywide and Merrill) and Citi. You can expect this story, like Enron-related litigation, to run and run.

Update. A different account of the case from Jonathan Weil at Bloomberg is here. His take is that Goldman paid greenmail to Mass, perhaps to avoid the disclosure associated with a full hearing. His article certainly makes interesting reading.

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