Friday, 23 January 2009

A warning from Bishopsgate

More solid, responsible journalism from the Daily Mash:
The Royal Bank of Scotland is just days away from imploding like that house in Poltergeist, it was claimed said last night.

As the bank's share price plummeted, experts said it was now time to bring in a scary-voiced midget to expel the remaining demons before the entire structure is then devoured by a tiny black hole.

Economist Tom Logan said: "In Poltergeist terms, the chairs have been stacked, the little girl has been sucked into the TV and the Beast has been exorcised without his annual bonus."

He added: "This once again demonstrates the folly of building a major financial institution on top of an old Indian burial ground."
Quite right too: I just wish Robert Peston could be this sensible. Now if only we can get extensive exorcism into the FED's armoury of facilities, perhaps we can beat this thing. All together now: Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus decoctor, ...

Update. While we are talking about RBS, I must mention Simon Hattenstone's wonderful and entirely appropriate attempts to get Fred the Red to say sorry, detailed in the Guardian. It harms all of us in finance that `managers' like Goodwin (I use the term broadly) are not willing to admit their mistakes and say a simple `I'm sorry'. It's not just that he screwed up. It's that he screwed up so royally that it is detracting from the public opinion of my business. And that annoys me.

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