Sunday, 19 October 2008

What Pleasure It Is To Be A Real Keynesian Now

Finally the tide seems to be turning. Bernanke is talking about the need for central bankers to be mindful of asset price bubbles. Darling is reprioritising spending to produce a classic Keynesian stimulus. But isn't it bizarre that we now have nationalised banks and privatised railways? If ever there was one industry that the state should control - must control - it is transport. (The revelation on Saturday that the reason Virgin trains are so crowded is nothing more than revenue optimisation only makes the case even more clear.) Now Alistair has (reluctantly and a little tardily) got the nationalisation bug, perhaps he could finally undo the evils of his predecessors and renationalise the tube and the railways. Let's hear no more about internal markets in the health service or in education. Now is the time for the state to spend for the sake of us all.

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